AeroGarden unpacking give yourself a clean and beautiful small vegetable garden

Today, I will show a beautiful and practical family hydroponic system for those who like to grow flowers and plants!

I’m here to publish good articles! This article mainly talks about why you should buy a hydroponic tank and how you feel about it out of the box~

Where to buy it? Why buy

AeroGarden 901104-1200 In-Home Garden Harvest Elite LED Grow Light System Kit, Stainless Steel
AeroGarden 901104-1200 In-Home Garden Harvest Elite LED Grow Light System Kit, Stainless Steel
FASTER THAN SOIL: Grow up to 6 plants 5X faster than soil; DUAL LED LIGHTS: 20W LED grow light for full spectrum, optimal lighting

There are several reasons for buying this:

🌼I live in Chicago, and the winter is very cold. Many plants cannot be evergreen all year round. With this and the heating at home, it will be no problem~

🌼The hydroponic plants are clean, do not grow insects, and do not worry

🌼High face value, there is a sense of acquired science fiction world~It looks very dark technology on the table~It can be used as decoration~

I don’t know why the shopping link can’t be put up~ I had to put a screenshot~ They have hydroponic systems of different grades and different prices. We bought the low-end one. It can be purchased on demand

Experience: A little patience + surprises that change with each passing day

There are very “dummy” instructions in the package, basically a few can be done, so simple as to wonder if I just bought a basin.

Put the pods down and you can wait~

The package includes nutrient solution and 6 pods with seeds~

The first small leaf sprouted~

I made a quick-play video for this! But I don’t know how to add it in~ The babies who want to see move 📷: dongcancaniris~

After about a week and a half, there is still one that has not grown~

Two weeks later~ they all grow out~

After the plants grow out, they raise a little bit every day! I feel that my heart becomes soft every day when I see them!

Focus! Use experience!

Generally speaking, the advantage of this hydroponic tank is that it is more “nanny”. It will remind you to add water and nutrient solution, lighting, etc. are also equipped in advance. Seeds are also available in refill bags~

The disadvantage is that the price is a bit more expensive. If you want to use it to grow vegetables to save money for buying vegetables, I really want more.

my goal!

👆After planting this wave, prepare your own seeds and save money for pod~

👆 Make a wave of water pumps, and DIY a hydroponic tank by yourself!

My aim is here, I hope I can get it out one-day hahahahaha~

I wish you all a happy new week!

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