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I’m 22 and I am considered normal weight, I carry more fat in my upper body (I’m aware this happens because of insulin resistance) however even though I am under 140lbs I still feel like crap some days I guess what I’m wondering is, are there any people under 25 years old in this group that are considered normal weight according to the BMI chart but are actually overweight because of upper body fat %? If so, does that affect you in other ways such as anxiety, difficulty breathing, muscle pain, back pain, inflammation, abdominal discomfort etc…? Or do you just feel like you have some stubborn fat but doesnt really cause many issues?
I go to the doctor so as far as I know I dont have any underlying severe conditions such as heart issues, I’ve got an MRI, chest x ray and blood work done. However I am just wondering If it’s possible that young adults experience a lot of discomfort and inflammation that lowers their quality of life just like me.

I think there is often a lot of focus on weight, when this isn’t necessarily the issue. What you eat affects so many aspects of your health beyond what you weigh. I have a couple of examples in my own family.
My husband has a normal BMI and a physically demanding job and yet was diagnosed as pre-diabetic last year. He doesn’t need to lose weight and be more active (as all the standard advice says), he needs to make dietary changes to reduce the carbs and insulin in his system.
My daughter is also not overweight but suffers from an autoimmune disease, so eating LCHF greatly reduces the inflammation (and therefore pain) that she experiences.
I see excess weight as a possible symptom, but not the cause, of many health issues. I prefer to focus on reducing insulin and inflammation and have found that weight, if it is a problem, will resolve itself in time.

I definitely agree. Often times though, I see for most people it takes a while for all these health issues to develope and I used to be 175 lbs but I dont think my weight has decreased inflammation that much, I just feel alone because I’m young and I am in more pain than a lot of people in the early 30s that eat a lot of crap. All I can think of is since I had insulin resistance since I was young maybe it is just starting to catch up and I probably have to make some bigger changes and be really patient.

it is really really hard when your health isn’t as good as it should be, especially when you are young. There may be something else going on other than insulin resistance, so keep looking for answers to why you are not feeling well. If you are eating as well as you can, with plenty of real whole foods, at least you know you are giving your body the best chance of wellness and healing.

I am a senior and at your age was about the same weight with similar circumstances. In my 30s the dr. began harping on me about cholesterol and losing weight (at the time about 130 lbs!). Went through several weight watcher programs and despite losing weight never really felt great… tired, draggy, etc but blamed it on being a busy working mother… my cholesterol continued to rise as did my blood sugar readings. In hindsight, and considering what I would have been eating at the time (which would have been considered healthy back then), I think all the carbs causing inflammation were definitely the reason. Since I have gone low carb and watching my portions, I have lost weight without much effort, and I feel so much better– eating real food and enjoying it so much more

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