How to Lower My Blood Sugar

I don’t remember when I am here for this but I haven’t really been talking very much because I was so freaking mad. I will look at everybody’s numbers and they were going down and I was trying and trying my might to get my numbers to go down but failing.

I was on Met Forman and they had a recall so I got freaked out and I discontinued it I tried diet and exercise on my own it worked a little bit at first but then after the pandemic I quit walking as much and ever since then it’s been going up so I went back on meds and that was a disaster so I went back to my doctor and I got another med and it wasn’t helping me much and I was so discouraged I didn’t know what to do so she finally put me on another one about a week ago or so and today is the first day in years that my numbers have been under 100! I gave an earnest try to do it on my own and I have been doing on my own for like 10 months. Sometimes my blood sugar would go up to almost 400 and that’s when I said OK uncle and that’s when I went back on the meds. Sooooo now I’m taking a new medicine and it’s been working I have just decided that I am a diabetic so let me introduce myself.

Hello my name is Patti and I am a type two diabetic controlled by medicine and I am not ashamed of it I am actually embracing the fact that the medical field can help me with this. If there’s another time in my life maybe I’ll go back to trying it natural again but for now I’m content that I am in a safe area as far as my blood sugar goes and it feels so great and it really feels great to be on here with all of you guys so I appreciate it.

I also know that I have to stay clean so I don’t have any sugar or carbs except for low-carb vegetables. But I’m very happy and my favorite thing is to drink all kinds of wild and crazy drinks that are diabetic friendly. So one of my favorite drinks is lemon cucumber hibiscus tea and I am just in love with it

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