Is the home projector easy to use

With the development of science and technology and the abundance of materials, everyone’s needs are also increasing.

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The viewing experience is no longer restricted to small screens, and TV sizes are getting bigger and bigger. What’s more, a projector with a larger screen was directly chosen to replace the TV. So is the home projector straightforward to use?

Indeed, large-screen TVs are not cheap, and the cheap configuration is too low. The projector integrates this very well to meet the needs of users for large screens. The price is much cheaper than TVs of the same size, and the price-performance ratio is more advantageous. Can a home projector be a TV? The large projection screen that everyone is fancy is worried that the projection will not affect the viewing experience like the quality of the TV. So many friends have difficulty choosing.

Whether the home projector is good or not, whether it can be used in place of the TV, this is also the most concerning issue, this is related to the choice of home projector configuration.

  1. Brightness
    At present, the home projectors on the market are basically around 1000 ANSI lumens, reaching close to 2000 ANSI lumens at high, and the price is about 3-5K or even higher. However, a high lumen is not necessarily good. Once it is too high, it will cause glare, which will still cause some damage to the eyes.
  2. For those trying a home projector for the first time, those who want to experience the feeling of large-screen projection can consider this Dangbei projection F1, which is called the king of home projector cost-effectiveness. The brightness reaches 1400 ANSI, which is equivalent to 3800 lumens of light source brightness. At the same price, Medium is medium brightness, but it is sufficient for home use.
  3. Resolution
    The second is the resolution. The most intuitive experience is 720P, 1080P, or 4K when watching videos. TVs can basically reach 1080P, and some 4K TVs have appeared, but true 4K is a minority after all. The sub-resolution of projectors is currently 720P (dithered 1080P belongs to 720P), and a few high-end projectors reach true 1080P.

There is also a great article on how to distinguish the resolution correctly. Don’t just listen to what others say. Just look at the display chip. Only when the display chip is 0.47DMD and above can the resolution reach 1080P and above, and there are a large number of projectors on the market that use 0.33DMD display chips, which are nominally 1080P resolution.

From the actual hardware point of view, the product cannot reach the real resolution of 1080P, but through technical means, it becomes a jittered 1080P, and its actual resolution is the only 720P, so you need to pay attention to the distinction.

  • 3, the processor

Let’s talk about the processor. The processor can be said to be the core of a smart projector, which is like a computer’s CPU, so there is no need to say more about its importance!

  • 4, memory

Memory is also a very important part of the projector, which is like a mobile phone’s memory size. Most mobile phones nowadays are 8GB+128GB, 8GB+256GB, and even 12GB+256GB. Although projectors do not have as many functions as mobile phones, However, the projector’s operation and the software you need to download also need memory as support, and even the continuous iteration of the later system requires large memory as the basis.

Once the projector’s memory is insufficient, it is easy to cause the projector to freeze, and the experience will be greatly reduced, which is why the editor said the importance of memory.

At present, the mainstream memory sizes on the market are 2GB+16GB, 3GB+16GB, and the largest memory is 3GB+32GB of Dangbei projection F1.

As for whether the home projector is easy to use? The most important thing is to look at the individual. For those who work outside and rent a house, the projector is more suitable than the TV. One is that you can spend a small price and enjoy a larger screen experience, and the other is a small size. , Easy to move, suitable for friends who move frequently.

For the elderly and children, if it is not a traditional projector, there is no problem in choosing a smart projection. The operating cost will be much lower, and voice control can win many things. Therefore, I think the projector is still handy.

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