MOWED DOWN E-scooter hit-and-run crash leaves pedestrian, 65, seriously injured in hospital in Rochdale

A 65-year-old man was driven over on a Luas around rush hour yesterday.

In Rochdale, one e-scooter collided with a man yesterday and then the rider refused to stop at the spot.

The police are alerted to a pedestrian accident involving a scooter.
Last Tuesday afternoon, police were alerted to a crash between a pedestrian and an electric scooter on Well I’TH’ Lane in Rochdale.
Police are looking for the motorcyclist because he struck the pedestrian.

The pedestrian is critically hurt and he or she is now seeking medication.

No one has been detained as of this moment.

A Greater Manchester Police spokesperson confirmed that police were told of the incident between a pedestrian and an electric scooter.

It is understood a black scooter collided with an elderly guy.

“The biker did not stop by the venue”.

PC Tom Needham, Sergeant from GMP’s Road Policing Team said: “There have been significant casualties as a result of this incident, and we’re trying to figure out precisely what occurred.

“Our thoughts and concerns are with the guy and his family while he is getting care in hospital.

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