My Saturday weigh in update:

This is going to be a long post. This week I lost 4 lbs! There were a ton of non-scale victories this week. I had my yearly physical. I found out my triglycerides and total cholesterol were both in range, as well as all of the rest of my blood work. My glucose was 83 and my A1C was…….. 5.3!!!!! For those that don’t know, that is non-diabetic! My doctor said I had reversed my diabetes! He told me he was taking me off of metformin, that I was doing great and to keep it up. He said he would see me in a year. Last year’s weight at the physical was 304. This year was 261. I reached a couple more goals. I got a fasting bs of 77 Thursday. That is the first time I have got in the 70s. I also got into the 250s. I have not weighed this as a teenager or adult, ever… I came out of 8th grade at 6’1″ and 296 lbs. So the last time I was in the 250s was probably late grade school or early Jr. High. My jeans do not fit me anymore. I have to spread my legs wide when they are around my waist until I get my belt on or they fall to the ground. That being said, I tried jeans on today and ended up buying two pairs.. of 38s. I have been 42 or 44 since I can remember. Breaking into the 30s is a big deal for me.

Heaviest weight: 336 lbs

Starting weight this time: 299.4 lbs

Weight last week: 260.4 lbs

Weight this week: 256.4 lbs

Goal weight: 195 lbs

Keep grinding people! All glory to God!

so the zero carb bread from aldis or even aunt milies 1 carb bread sky rockets my glucose. even just 1 piece. my morning sugar was 110 and I had 1 piece of toast using the low carb stuff and 3 eggs scrambled nothing added and a liter of water and 2 hours later my glucose is 186. what the hell ? this isn’t the first time either. I guess I just don’t understand why my sugar spikes. I thought being zero or 1 carb wouldn’t impact it so much. any thoughts ? or anyone else experience the same thing?

For some people, the fiber will spike BG. That’s why some people (one a Cookbook author that I LOVE, Kristie Sullivan) recommend total carbs. The aldi’s bread spikes mine as well, just not quite as much.

modified wheat starch (“Starches are long chains of the sugar glucose”)- is the first ingredient- you can add fiber in order to show 0 net carbs but that fiber doesn’t take away the starch… This is where NET is being used to sell and mislead people. I do NET carbs but I don’t eat any processed foods and I make my own bread. So when I say net carbs- that means no high glycemic index carbs and I can actually subtract fiber and sugar alcohols.

Look different body adjust differently with food. You need to look for which food is good for your body. My father is also dietetic and facing same thing two mount ago but then they try good diet plan which adjust according to there body so now they get back to normal. You can try that way. Chose meal which your body can adapt easily.

The lower in carbs or sugar I eat my sugars spike to over 200.But let me eat crap all the time and my sugars test lower.But my A1C since Keto is under 6 always.I have no idea how any of it works but for me I think my body lacking sugar my body goes in over drive producing it thinking I’m deficient.When I trick it almost and give myself small amounts seems to just test for what I put in idk.

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