What are the best cameras on the market

From the perspective of humanized design and eye-pleasing photography, the digital cameras of Fuji, Canon, and Panasonic are relatively easy to use. Nikon and Sony are not so easy to use.

Nikon’s digital SLR, novices really can’t start, don’t know how to use it, it is too unfriendly to Xiaobai and women!

Why do you say that? In fact, I did not say that the image quality of Nikon Sony is not good, but that Nikon Sony’s operation is not humane enough, the menu design is not simple and easy to understand, and the straightforward effect of JPEG is not pleasing to the eye.

1. Fuji, Fuji’s camera, the color is very beautiful, this is recognized. If you don’t want to do post-PS, then the first choice is Fuji.

In fact, I really didn’t understand the unique style of Leica Leica, because in the era of film photography, although camera manufacturers also have lens styles, it is not very obvious and intuitive. Film manufacturers are the decisive factor.

Fuji micro-single is not as beautiful as the power group, in fact, the Fuji micro-single is the power group!

So, instead of trusting Huawei’s p10mate10’s Leica, you should believe in Fuji cameras with many years of film manufacturing experience.

Well, the colors of the Fuji camera are very beautiful, and there are many classic color modes of Fuji film, which are very practical.

At the same time, the operation of the Fuji camera is still very good.

2. Canon and Canon cameras are indeed much better for the skin tone of beautiful women. As long as you are a beautiful woman and you have been photographed by Canon Sony Nikon, you agree with me that Canon’s skin tone is indeed comfortable, and beautiful women like it.

However, many Canon models are not transparent enough when shooting scenery, a little yellow or even severe yellow.

Canon 6d2, a Canon camera, is suitable for shooting beautiful women, and most photo studios and photography studios use Canon.

At the same time, the control of Canon cameras is also very simple, easy to learn and easy to learn.

3. Panasonic, Panasonic is still inferior to Fuji and Canon-a little bit, but it is still okay. Panasonic’s menus and controls are still very good, suitable for novices and masters.

The Panasonic micro-single has good controllability, user-friendly design, and the color of the photos is more comfortable.

4, Suo, Sony’s design is not very user-friendly, and many people complain about it. Ni’s colors are always very obscure, not simple and bright enough, I don’t like Sony’s colors.

5. Nikon, Nikon’s design is still very good for professionals and photographers. However, for beginners and novices, especially for women, the operation is difficult to learn, not easy to learn and master.

Nikon’s color, when it used to be D800D7000, was relatively transparent, especially D800, the color is very comfortable and beautiful. But now it seems that none of the models has a straightforward color that is satisfactory. The current Nikon camera must do post-production.

However, compared with Sony, Nikon’s photos should be adjusted better in the later stage, so that it is easier to get the color effect you want, which is not bad.

To sum up: If you are a novice, especially if you are a female, I sincerely recommend Canon to be your first choice.

If you are a friend who doesn’t like doing post-production and likes traveling and landscape photography, I think you can consider Fuji and Panasonic.

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