What lunch is good for diabetes

While it looks good, the pasta is not diabetic friendly for most of us. The reason I say that is because ingredients matter just as much as the carbohydrates count and grains are inflammatory for diabetics as they can cause most of us spikes/crashes in insulin levels when consumed as well as making insulin resistance worse when consumed over time.
I’m glad you have a meal you enjoy that makes you happy.

It’s very frustrating to me to see how many people are judging the OP’s post just based on seeing pasta, and even when OP explains it’s a low carb pasta people are still denigrating the choice!!! What is wrong with people?? If it works for one person’s body, why shame the choice? We should be celebrating the fact that people are experimenting and trying new things to see what works for them at the point they’re at, not judging them! Ask questions for clarification if you feel defensive– why all the judgment

Looks delish and the nutritional info works for me! Will have to check the website out! Thanks for sharing!! And SMH to all the haters that automatically assume it’s bad, most people on here share bc they have a good carb replacement…Remember Assumption starts with Ass! Lol

I think without including the fact that this is low carb 3 net carb pasta along with your pic, you’ve invited these negative comments.. most keto folks I know, know that pasta is bad & high in carbs, even I looked at this and thought WTF. And immediately we all want to point that out thinking you’re new to keto and offer better suggestions. Instead it made me go thru all these comments .. just saying, but now that I know. It sounds good.

Would advise if you have a glucometer, that you check your blood glucose before, half an hour, an hour and two hours after eating this pasta.
See what it does to you specifically.
If you have wheat or legume sensitivities, this could trigger them. Everyone is different though.

Dang after reading all the nasty comments it makes me not want to even try posting and I JUST joined. Guess I will search for a more supportive group who doesn’t jump down people’s throats for sharing what looks to be a yummy dish.

I apologize to everyone, I thought the pics posted were from the original poster. Apparently not and those that called it out are correct. If you’re going to post something that’s going to be controversial, you should give the info outright.

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