What practical value does the iPad have Is it necessary to buy it

The most popular digital product recently is definitely the iPad, which has been the most discussed topic among digital players after dinner.

Apple 2020 iPad Air (10.9-inch, Wi-Fi, 64GB) - Space Gray (4th Generation)
Apple 2020 iPad Air (10.9-inch, Wi-Fi, 64GB) - Space Gray (4th Generation)
Stunning 10.9-inch Liquid Retina display with True Tone and P3 wide color; A14 Bionic chip with Neural Engine
Apple 2020 iPad Pro (12.9-inch, Wi-Fi, 128GB) - Space Gray (4th Generation)
Apple 2020 iPad Pro (12.9-inch, Wi-Fi, 128GB) - Space Gray (4th Generation)
12.9-inch edge-to-edge Liquid Retina display with ProMotion, True Tone, and P3 wide color; A12Z Bionic chip with Neural Engine
Apple 2020 iPad (10.2-inch, Wi-Fi, 32GB) - Space Gray (8th Generation)
Apple 2020 iPad (10.2-inch, Wi-Fi, 32GB) - Space Gray (8th Generation)
Gorgeous 10.2-inch Retina display; A12 Bionic chip with Neural Engine; Support for Apple Pencil (1st generation) and Smart Keyboard

Given that the price is still relatively high now, not too many people are willing to start, today at the request of many netizens, write an actual experience in the world of different-dimensional software, I hope it will be helpful to friends who want to know about iPad.

Because the experience is a very subjective feeling, this article is definitely not objective, and it is completely biased towards my own preferences and needs. If it does not match your values, please ignore it. This article has been written for a long time, it is very long and smelly, but for the iPad, please bear with it, haha. Not much nonsense, let’s get to the point and watch me play with the iPad!

First of all, I want to say that I am not pure fruit powder. I just like products that suit my appetite sensibly. I will like any product that does well. I said something similar on Twitter: Actually, I don’t particularly want to like Apple, but unfortunately, at the level of consumer electronics, besides Apple, I have not found any company that can sell digital products like it. It becomes a practical artwork, and almost every product is world-leading.

The use of this article is my own personal experience, does not represent anyone else, and does not require other people to agree with my point of view, and subjective factors are very strong, if it does not match your values, please ignore the article, do not attack others, Thank you.

In addition, due to limited conditions, such as not having so much money to buy software games, field equipment, etc., I cannot thoroughly test everything I want to test.

iPad positioning

First of all, you must know that the iPad is not a computer. It is positioned as a digital product that “almost anyone can pick up and use”. Of course, this positioning is set by myself, regardless of whether Jobs or you agree or disagree. Now, hehe. If you insist on comparing it with a laptop, and despise that it doesn’t even have a USB port, and you can’t connect a mouse with a USB flash drive, then I still suggest you buy a laptop to use. Because the iPad is not used to replace a notebook, please remember that it is a portable device between a notebook and a mobile phone.

iPad appearanc

In terms of appearance design, we have no reason to doubt Apple’s ability. Whether it is appearance, workmanship or material, it is absolutely ahead of other products today. Anyone who has visited the Computer City should have an impression. Apple’s things can always make people’s eyes bright at a glance, right?

From the photos and videos, the iPad feels quite big, but at first sight, it is smaller than expected. However, the weight is slightly heavier than expected. It is estimated that girls will feel sore if they hold the iPad in one hand for a long time. The case should be made of metal, and the thickness should be similar to that of the iPhone. Because the screen has a film, it is not clear whether fingerprints will be easily left.

Many people make fun of the iPad as just an “enlarged version of the iPod Touch”, but in fact, the significance of the enlargement of the screen is far from that simple. It completely subverts all software, games and the experience of browsing the web. The large screen has given many classic applications such as reading e-books a more comfortable experience. This is really difficult to describe in words. You need to use it yourself to experience it.

In general, its size and weight will still make you “wow”! Before the iPad, you would never have imagined that a “computer” could achieve this size and weight, and it was mass-produced. What is more admirable from the bottom of my heart is that its official price is only 499 US dollars. I feel that Apple is really kind and surprising this time!!

Note: There are only a data cable, a mini charger and a paper-saving user guide in the iPad box.

iPad hardware

Screen: The size is 9.7 inches, the resolution is 1024×768, LED backlight, the touch is very sensitive, it is completely free and easy, even if there is no inconvenience even through a layer of film. The screen is colourful and delicate. People who have seen the screen of an Apple notebook or iMac must be very impressed. The IPS screen of the iPad is not covered. The viewing angle can reach at least 179 degrees. The effect of watching movies or playing games with multiple people is first-rate! It is estimated that many people will be full of beef after watching it.

iPad screen:The screen effect in the sun: Many people care about this. I specially tested it and adjusted it to half the brightness, which has almost no effect on reading. If it is adjusted to the brightest, it is estimated that the effect will be much better, which is completely acceptable. Although the sun wasn’t the extreme condition of the noon exposure, I took out the screen of the ASUS notebook and put it aside.

Battery: In terms of battery, I don’t know why some people say that the battery is not satisfactory. In fact, after playing for a few days, I feel that the battery is very satisfied. It usually takes about 8 hours of continuous use. The official data is 10 Hours, using WIFI+ to play HD may consume a little power. The feeling is that the brightness of the screen has a greater impact on power.

USB charging: iPad will not charge when connected to a Windows system via USB, but it can be charged via USB under Mac system. Some reports say that it can only be charged by USB under Apple computers. I tested it on my own MacBook Pro and Windows7 didn’t work either. It is estimated that it is for the operating system rather than the computer hardware, so black Apple users can also charge it.

Headphones and speakers: The iPad does not come with headphones, so you need to match it yourself. The headphone jack is a standard 3.5mm, which can be connected to any headphone. Just like Apple’s notebook, the iPhone’s headphone can be used as a wire control when listening to music on the iPad, and it looks like an M8 headphone can also control it. The sound quality sounds very similar to the iPhone, and the quality is very high, so I won’t make more evaluations here. The loudspeaker sound will not be very loud, but the quality is okay, barely reluctantly, don’t expect too much.

Data interface and charger: iPad uses the same data cable as iPhone and iPod Touch. If you have these products, congratulations, you don’t need to bring an extra cable when you go out. The power supply has the same appearance as the iPod. It is small and exquisite, except that the output current of the iPad is larger. It is also possible to use the iPod power supply for testing, but the charging time will be longer.

Bluetooth: Any Bluetooth keyboard can be used, which is very convenient when a large number of codewords are required. I haven’t tested the Bluetooth stereo headset. I don’t know if it can be used to listen to songs.

Compass: The iPad has a built-in electronic compass, but it does not seem to have a hardware GPS? I am not sure, but if it has GPS, I believe it is definitely the coolest product in navigation equipment!

WIFI: There are reports that there is a problem with the WIFI of the iPad, and it will be disconnected frequently. But I use it very stable for a long time. Because I also use Apple’s TimeCapsule router at home, both iPad and router support 802.11N mode with a speed of 300Mbps. Directly playing 720P HD video on the computer via WIFI is also very smooth without any interruption. At least the WIFI of my iPad is perfect.

iPad system

System: iPad uses the same operating system as iPhone and iTouch instead of Mac OS. Perfect support for Chinese, with pinyin and handwriting input methods, even mother-level users can input Chinese characters! At present, it is still a single task that countless people criticize. Multitasking will not be upgraded until the iPhone OS4 is officially released (it is said that this fall). The practicality of the iPad will definitely increase to a considerable level.

Third-party software: iPad software can be purchased and downloaded in the App Store. Under normal circumstances, you need to have a credit card and register a US service iTunes account to use it normally. Of course, you can download free software without a credit card. There are some iTunes black cards sold on Taobao, the price is very cheap, but the origin is unknown, the security is unknown, it is said that many people have their accounts suspended because of this, personally do not recommend, after all, many software that is really worth buying is not expensive. If you are really shy after all, you can consider it.

Compatible with iPhone software: In addition to using its own dedicated software, iPad is also compatible with all iPhone programs. And the user can decide whether to display on a small screen or zoom in 2 times. Zooming in 2 times is especially convenient when playing iPhone games, especially those games with virtual joysticks.

Speed: As the CPU and memory of the iPad are stronger than that of the iPhone 3Gs, the experience of the entire system is very smooth, with almost no stagnation, without any irritability, and the experience is very pleasant. The undesirable place should be the moment when the browser wants to call up the keyboard for the first time when the browser visits the webpage, there is a slight stagnation, but in fact, it is not slow, I am just picking up faults.

Screen rotation: iPad gravity sensor has 4 main directions, which means that no matter how casually you pick up the iPad, its screen will face you, and there is a button on the side of the machine to lock the gravity direction, so you can read a book while lying on the bed Will not be rotated forever. Apple then said: This is the product to adapt to you, not you to adapt to it. This is more humane than the iPhone.

Virtual keyboard: As the screen becomes larger, the on-screen keyboard is also enlarged accordingly, and it becomes larger after the horizontal screen, which is almost close to the size of the real keyboard. After a little adaptation, the speed of the touch screen input will not be much worse than the physical keyboard. Of course, this is also a matter of opinion, and some people feel that touch screen input is always inconvenient. However, people who have used full touch screen phones such as iPhone or Android should be easier to get used to.

Transfer songs and install software: iPad needs to use iTunes to synchronize songs, pictures and applications. It cannot be copied and pasted at will like ordinary MP3, nor can it be used as a USB flash drive. Some people think that this design is better and more convenient, but more people may not be accustomed to this way of operation. This is where different people have different opinions.


The main reason why many people want to buy an iPad is to read e-books. Apple’s official iBook application can be downloaded for free. The page-turning effect during browsing is very similar to that of a real book. You can search for full text, add bookmarks, adjust fonts, adjust brightness, etc.; vertical screen single page, horizontal screen dual page display; due to the delicate screen colours Naturally, the viewing angle is very wide, as long as the brightness is adjusted moderately, there will be no discomfort in reading for a long time. I haven’t personally experienced the e-ink screen. It’s hard to say, but I think the iPad is a device that is born to read books, especially colourful comics and magazines, which are very cool…

iPad comics effect

In addition to buying genuine books in the iBook Store, users can also synchronize some modified epub format e-books to read, but it does not support common PDF format or TXT, and testing some epub e-books downloaded online will not work either. It must be changed to the iBook format. For specific methods, please Google the tutorial.

Of course, if you want to better read e-books in various formats, it is recommended to buy a software called GoodReader, which can transfer e-books to iPad via data cable, WIFI, Dropbox synchronization, Email, FTP, etc., It perfectly supports common formats such as PDF, TXT, DOC, etc. It is still very smooth to open a large PDF with more than 200M in the test. It is very easy to use. It can be said to be essential software for reading, and the price is only US$0.99. Of course, if you don’t want to spend money, you can also install free software called CloudReader, which supports PDF and TXT, but the function is far from GoodReader.

In fact, just imagine how comfortable it is to use a large colour screen device that is thinner than a book. You can zoom, search and bookmark at will, novels, magazines, comics, you can put hundreds of them in one place, plus the price is not high, the screen is super punctual, and the battery can fully meet the needs, except for surfing the Internet and listening to music, watching movies, there are many functions that other products can’t even think of. It’s not that I prefer the iPad, but in fact, by comparison, I really can’t think of how many advantages other e-book products have.

Electronic Album

Thanks to the excellent screen, the iPad displays photos pretty well! In particular, some high-resolution HDR photography works are absolutely gorgeous and eye-catching to enjoy on iPad. You can sync photos to the iPad through iTunes. The browsing of pictures is very smooth, supports multi-touch zoom in and out, the photo list is very creative, and it can also be played in a slideshow, with background music, and the iPad immediately becomes an electronic photo frame. Showing wedding photos to relatives and friends, photos of children growing up, photographers to show others their own works, or designer manuscripts and drawings, is really much more convenient and intuitive than taking out a notebook to demonstrate!

In addition, Apple also has official iPad camera adapter accessories for sale. The adapter can be connected to the camera’s USB or memory card and directly import photos to the iPad. It is definitely the best companion for photographers and photography enthusiasts! If you install some picture editing software, you can process the photos, and then you can send them to others via email or upload them to Flickr and other photo albums to share. It’s more IT, more technology…

Movie video

I have to say that the iPad is the best portable device I have ever seen to play videos! Why? First of all, it is the screen, with brilliant colours, no matter how high-speed the video is, there will be no smear. And the iPad itself supports playing 720p high-definition video, very smooth, there is no sign of stuck. However, under normal circumstances, you need to convert the video to MP4 format to synchronize it. The conversion time is a bit long and troublesome. However, more and more high-definition movies have been downloaded for the iPad version on the Internet. The format and resolution are suitable. Downloading these videos can save a lot of worries.

iPad playing HD video

In fact, the iPad also has a killer third-party video application: AirVideo. It can access the video on your PC or Mac computer via WIFI, directly wirelessly play, and almost supports all common video formats. For example, RM, AVI, MKV, etc., support external Chinese subtitles. After actual testing, the 720P HD MKV video and 1080P video of “Twilight” on my computer can be played smoothly through WIFI, and the effect is very good! ! After caching for about 3 to 5 seconds, in the beginning, it can be played smoothly. Of course, high-speed video requires high-speed WIFI. If your wireless router is 54Mbps, you can’t watch HD smoothly, but general RM and DVDRip should be no problem. I suggest you spend some money to equip your iPad with a 300Mbps 802.11n router. Whether playing movies, wirelessly or transferring files is much faster.

The free version of AirVideo has some small limitations, and the paid version is only $2.99, which is very good value! In addition, there are many apps on the App Store for free online watching of American TV shows, such as ABC Player, but some of them restrict IP areas. Hey, this way, I can watch movies and TV shows completely in bed, how cool~

Many people ask me if the iPad does not support Flash, isn’t it because I can’t watch domestic video sites? In fact, Youku, Liujianfang, Tudou and other domestic video sites have all released.

I believe that the software or website designed by the iPhone will follow up when the iPad is officially listed in China. Don’t worry about this. In addition to them, there are many online TV software dedicated to the iPhone, and it is estimated that there will be a corresponding iPad version.

Internet applications

Like the iPhone, the iPad uses the Mobile Safari browser. In addition to Flash, the effect has reached the level of ordinary computer browsers. The speed is very fast. When the Internet speed is fast, the webpage is opened almost instantly, slightly better than the iPhone 3Gs. Be faster. But when I switch back and forth when multiple web pages are opened, the page often needs to be reloaded. Although it will be displayed again soon, it makes people feel very uncomfortable. This is also the most dissatisfying part of the iPad. I hope that future system upgrades can handle this problem.

Another dissatisfaction is that the built-in browser hardly allows you to download anything other than photos. Fortunately, some software can make up for this shortcoming. For example, the GoodReader mentioned above, you can browse the web and download e-books, documents and other files in its program, and then open and read these documents through it.

iPad supports Email very well. In addition to all current mainstream mailboxes, it also supports Exchange mail push and contacts and calendar synchronization. In terms of web applications, Google has also specially produced the iPad version of Gmail, which of course also includes Google Reader, Calendar, Picasa, etc. to ensure you have the best experience under the iPad.

QQ for iPad

One of the biggest advantages of the iPad is that it has countless third-party software, and it is widely concerned and valued by manufacturers. Almost all advanced Internet applications will have versions for iPhone and iPad. For example, the popular Dropbox, SugarSync, Evernote, etc. are very popular. Of course, domestic apps such as Alipay, China Merchants Bank, QQ, Fetion, Amazon, and UCWeb all have iPhone versions. Will it be far from the iPad?

You may be most concerned about QQ. Tencent has long released the iPad version of QQ, called QQ HD. As shown in the figure, the interface completely subverts the impression on Windows. It is very in line with the design of the iPad touch screen, which is quite beautiful, and It is also very practical, I can only say that the design of this product is quite good. You can send pictures, but cannot send and receive files. The iPad doesn’t have a camera, so you can’t make video chat.

In fact, the Internet function of the iPad is the most powerful, because it has countless applications, almost you can think of it (of course, there are very few localized in China). If you like the novel software and services of the Internet as much as I do, then you should hurry home with an iPad. You will never be disappointed.


Because I have not bought an iPad game, nor am I very keen on it, so I don’t have a lot of experience in the game. I downloaded a classic casual game of bouncing ball and solitaire, and I couldn’t put it down after playing it. Judging from some screenshots of the game, those masterpieces such as “Plants vs. Zombies”, “Edge of Mirror”, “Need for Speed”, “Call of Duty” and so on have good effects, and they should be very fun to play. According to the characteristics of the iPad, I think there will be some games that will play against the iPhone via Bluetooth WIFI and other games, such as Monopoly. It is estimated that it will eat away a lot of SONY and Nintendo’s market share.

iPad games

In the future, Apple will also launch a “Game Center”, where you can add friends and fight against each other, game rankings, etc., and a new craze will definitely be formed at that time!

Current status

Since the iPad system is not jailbroken, cracked software and third-party software other than AppStore cannot be used; it has not yet been officially sold in other countries outside the United States, and many localized software has not been followed up. Buying genuine software is also an expense, which is not easy for many people who are used to free. In addition, there is currently no multitasking (only music and mail can run in the background), and it is acceptable on mobile phones. I feel a little disappointed on the iPad. I can only wait for the release of OS4. The practicality of the iPad will be reborn. Absolute.

Alright, time to conclude!

Having said so much, in fact, everyone can see that the iPad is not a necessity. From one point of view, it is not very useful, because most of its functions can be done by a PC, and most people are There is no reason to buy it; but from another perspective, it is a product that improves the quality of your life:

Ready to use: iPad can provide you with an experience of “you can do a lot of rich applications with your hand, and then put it down”, and it will not be limited by the screen size like a mobile phone, I can read and play online freely Games, and do not need to be like a computer, I need to sit in front of it to operate, but it will follow me wherever I go…

All people use: Even like my mother, a person who almost doesn’t understand computers, after more than ten minutes of guidance, thanks the built-in handwriting input method, she has learned how to read news online and chat on QQ. Now she still listens to songs, watches movies, uses photos of her relatives and friends to travel, and even checks the price of shoes on Taobao. This easy-to-use and the feature-rich feature cannot be achieved by ordinary computers. I have to say that the success of the iPad in this area is unprecedented. It allows almost anyone to enjoy the Internet and the convenience brought by technology and achieved to make technology within reach. In this aspect alone, I can be sure that the iPad will also be successful in business because 80% of the people in the world are not computer masters.

When I bought the iPad at a high price (around 5K) from a parallel importer, I didn’t know if it was really worth it. But after I used it for a few days, I realized that it was designed specifically for me! Of course, the value of the iPad depends entirely on your values. Whether it is worth buying depends on your own needs, applications and environment. I only tell you about my own feelings. I hope this article will give you a deeper understanding of the iPad.

Finally, if you have any questions about the iPad, please ask questions, and I will try my best to answer them within the scope of my ability. In the end, attach a portal: a demonstration video of the various functions of the iPad, in bird text, but you can still fully see what the iPad is like from the video.

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