Why I buy Macbook Pro and what do you think about it

The following is my personal experience of buying and purchasing mbp? Please take a detour. The heart is weak and can’t stand the language attack. Hahahaha, I don’t mind the little cutie. You can read about this experience. I hope you are hesitant to buy a MacBook. You guys have some help~

Apple 2019 MacBook Pro (16-inch, 16GB RAM, 1TB Storage, 2.3GHz Intel Core i9) - Space Gray
Apple 2019 MacBook Pro (16-inch, 16GB RAM, 1TB Storage, 2.3GHz Intel Core i9) - Space Gray
Ninth-generation 8-Core Intel Core i9 Processor; Stunning 16-inch Retina Display with True Tone technology
Apple 2020 MacBook Pro with Intel Processor (13-inch, 16GB RAM, 1TB SSD Storage) - Space Gray
Apple 2020 MacBook Pro with Intel Processor (13-inch, 16GB RAM, 1TB SSD Storage) - Space Gray
Tenth-generation quad-core Intel Core i5 processor; Brilliant Retina display with True Tone technology
Apple 2020 MacBook Pro M1 Chip (13-inch, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD Storage) - Space Gray
Apple 2020 MacBook Pro M1 Chip (13-inch, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD Storage) - Space Gray
Apple-designed M1 chip for a giant leap in CPU, GPU, and machine learning performance; Get more done with up to 20 hours of battery life, the longest ever in a Mac


I am a programmer. Because the old computer often freezes, the memory and solid-state have been upgraded, the system has been reinstalled, and the internal dust has been cleaned up.

It is still very stuck, if you know, consider changing the computer. In March and April of this year, I was considering starting a mac. At that time, my favorite brands were [Xiaomi Pro], [Tinkpad Series], and [Macbook Pro]. Several colleagues around me also used mbp, one of which he broke four computers. I admire him more, and I also know his views and understanding of these computers from him.

I recommend that I buy an MBP, and I don’t play games (you should give up Mac if you play games). Due to frequent fieldwork, I can’t bear my shoulders. Therefore, there is an excellent demand for thin and light notebooks, but the price of thin and light notebooks is generally not cheap, and the performance is also there. The point is that they will be hot. ~~ The windows version of the thin and light notebooks may not be long before the system is reinstalled.

Some colleagues have complained. I have seen it in Post Bar, after all, I have been shopping around Post Bar for several months, and I have been doing psychological struggles every day~
It’s not a fetish of foreigners or vanity, and I haven’t used it before. I just think that the MacBook Pro is really like a handicraft. Simplicity will significantly improve work efficiency.

Experience it first-hand what you say is not patriotic to buy this, Chinese people do not buy national brands, you can say goodbye, have not used Mac OS system, do not know its flow and simplicity, purchasing a product is a product that recognizes it, Has nothing to do with the kingdom, everything has its meaning and is needed by others.

Anyway, I personally buy it purely because I need a product like this to be the main production force. After all, it is a guy who needs to use it every day, so I must consider it comprehensively~

Talk about my usual workbench?

Two idea windows (back-end development), one webstrom window (front-end development), one postman window (test tool), two database connections (database), eight or so google browser windows (for information on the Internet), and one remote desktop window (Project operation and maintenance), a Kugou music (listening to songs), a translation software (Chinese-English translation), a WeChat (work communication), a QQ (communication), two to six-word windows (requirements documents), and an EditPlus Window (editor)

Hahaha, I don’t know if this is considered normal development, but these are indeed windows that I open every day. My old guy (Lenovo Ideapad series) 4G memory, I added 4G and 128 solid states, this software can be Normal operation, that is, when switching windows, there are often lagged. Ideas eat up memory.

Every day the memory is soaring to about 87%. Background compilation is very laborious, and packaging and restarting are also very slow. During the incident, when colleagues were looking at your computer, your computer suddenly stuck, and then the surrounding atmosphere suddenly stiffened. When there was nowhere to put my hands, my face turned red, and everyone started to complain. My computer is gone, and I am very helpless.

There is no response when I watch the page and the mouse is spinning there. I have the urge to take pictures of the computer every minute, and my old computer consumes power, which is incomparable. Leave the workstation. Half an hour won’t work (not an exaggeration at all), so it won’t work if you don’t change it? After considering it all, I decided to buy a MacBook.

At first, after I was busy, I went to the Post Bar and Xiaohongshu every day to learn about mbp, and asked my colleagues how they felt about using it, etc.~

Mac series

Mac Book Air, MacBook, and Mac Book pro. You don’t have to think about development, go straight to pro, and the professionalism is relatively high, so the configuration must be challenging. The air and mac book for normal office or postgraduate entrance examinations can be used, depending on your preference and budget.


If you want to use it for about five or six years, and usually develop a lot of software like me, you must use 16G of memory, 8G can also make do with it, but the software update iteration speed is too fast, for future needs, it is still 16G Be safe, solid-state 256 is fine.

I’m lazy. I don’t usually like to organize computer files. So I have expanded the memory to 512. Virtual machines may be used in the future, so the memory should be bigger and rest assured. In fact, 256 is enough. If you use it, you can buy a portable hard drive if you don’t have enough data.

Now the portable hard drive is not as bulky as before. If you need a recommendation, you can leave a message to me. After all, I have more than 450 GB left after installing all the software, so it depends on my needs. And budget too. Is it i5 or i7? I didn’t hesitate to choose i5 directly. Now many windows are still i5, so the i5 of the mbp will not rollover.

I am afraid that the i7 will be overwhelmed by the 13~ hot phenomenon. It will be more serious. When it gets hot, the frequency will be reduced. It is not as good as the i5. Buy 15-inch children’s shoes.

This year’s new pro is equipped with i9. I think it is crazy for the single tube i9. The fever and frequency reduction is still very serious. It is more worthwhile to buy 18 i7 models, and the price is relatively high. After all? You are not left without a place. Of course, you are a local tyrant. When I didn’t say hahahaha, here is my configuration diagram.

The fever and frequency reduction is still very serious. It is more worthwhile to buy 18 i7 models, and the price is relatively high. After all? You are not left without a place. Of course, you are a local tyrant. When I didn’t say hahahaha, here is my configuration diagram.

If you have more than a month? Suppose you consider upgrading the configuration, then memory>solid state>graphics card. In that case, it may not, depending on what you are doing, I upgraded the memory and solid-state, it is very worthwhile. In fact, at the time he was hesitating whether to upgrade the solid-state In the end, he was cruel.

In that case, it may not, depending on what you are doing, I upgraded the memory and solid-state, it is very worthwhile. In fact, at the time he was hesitating whether to upgrade the solid-state In the end, he was cruel.

Color: Presumably many people are entangled in buying silver or dark gray models~ I am so coincidentally~~

Office colleagues are all silver models. I think silver is a bit dazzling and a little bit aesthetically fatigued. In comparison, I believe deep space gray is more high-end, low-key, and durable, suitable for mature and stable people, and gray is more resistant to stains, depending on personal preference. Each is beautiful~

Below is a comparison chart of silver and space gray?

The real deep space gray without a filter?

Size: There must be a lot of people who are entangled in buying 15 inches or 13 inches~ I am so coincidentally~ and this is my main hesitation object! ! ! ! Hahahaha, I look at my colleague’s 13-inch and 15-inch screens every day. At first glance, I feel that the 15-inch screen is so big and cool.

The editing page is almost arbitrary, and I watched the 13-inch drag in my hand. It is easy to move, so small and convenient. Lovely. The entanglement is very entangled, and finally, I bought 13 inches. If you have high requirements, buy 13 inches. On the contrary, 15 inches, large screens still have the benefits of large screens~

The weight of 13 inches seems to be lighter than 15 inches 1 About a catty, boys can think about 15 inches, and girls generally 13 inches are enough. Programmers and designers suggest buying 15 inches.

The mobility is not so high. The large screen is worth pursuing because often multi-window debugging. Some people say that the 13-inch screen is not enough, and they worry about their eyesight and they will be blind. But, the computer is usually in front of your eyes, you don’t need to be far away, and you can also adjust the font size, and 13 Inches and 15 are only the content displayed in the screen space. One is the enlarged version and the other is the reduced version.

It’s more convenient to put a 13-inch code on your lap or take it out by a long-distance car, but it’s also hotter hahahaha.

The 15-inch heat dissipation is better than the 13-inch heat dissipation because the 15-inch has two fans. And the body area is also larger (in more cases, it still depends on its own metal to dissipate heat), so the 13-inch is still inferior in this respect. You can buy a better radiator, but the computer can be cooled down immediately after a minute or two of sleep. Now, the fever is more serious in summer. After all, it’s not easy to be so light and thin.

Size comparison chart?
Insert picture description here

Below is a comparison of the 13-inch and 15-inch pictures I took in the physical store (open the same website)?

The following is a comparison chart of 13 inches and 15 inches of my old computer?

In short, the colors and sizes have their own advantages. I suggest you go to the physical store to take a look. After all, the pictures on the Internet are different in color and light. So go to the physical store to experience it, and you will have the answer in your heart. I ran to three physical stores at the time, and then went to three SUNION, because the size and color are really too tangled, I was more firm in my heart when I saw the answer, a few days later, I was shaken again, the shopping guide brother said me In this industry, I buy more 15-inch ones and more 15-inch ones for design. The colors sell better. There is no difference. I am even more confused. Isn’t 13 inches my own, hahaha~~~

Are there some configuration comparison diagrams below?
Insert picture description here
Insert picture description here
Insert picture description here
Insert picture description here
More comparison programs can be viewed on the official website:

After the entanglement is over, it is the purchase, and the purchase needs to be cautious~


I heard that I would change the mold next year. I don’t dare to be the first person to eat crabs. Let’s be a melon eater. The 13-inch model will buy this year’s model because it has been upgraded to quad-core. After two cups, it is still very cost-effective. It is recommended to buy the 2018 model for the 15-inch because the price-performance ratio is higher than this year. i9 is really unnecessary~

About AppleCare

This service warranty is beneficial. The warranty is three years to prevent accidents. To prevent accidents and repairs, I will still use and protect it, so I didn’t buy it. Isn’t it bad? Consider purchasing a service~

The way of buying

Physical stores, Taobao, Tmall, Suning, JD, official website, Xianyu, etc. (websites with more purchases)

In terms of electrical appliances, Jingdong is still reliable, and I won’t go into details here. Let’s check the sales and comments on your own. Then I entangled the official website and JD.

Many people on JD.com said that the after-sales service is very poor, and they are a little scared. Generally speaking, returns and exchanges are not allowed. However, JD.com sometimes offers discounts, which are cheaper than the official website. It is authentic and can be returned within 15 days. There is also the most powerful summer discount during the summer vacation, the highest discount is 1600, and it also comes with headphones. It is already a good deal.

I originally planned to buy it on my birthday. I saw such a powerful event in advance. If the budget is not enough, you can buy refurbished machines from the official website. The refurbished machines on the official website have gone through a rigorous process to ensure that the goods received are good, but there is no sense in opening the box of the new machine, which is much more cost-effective than the new machine. The price in the physical store is consistent with the official website. Unless it is not an officially authorized store, it is recommended to go to an officially authorized store. Don’t be confused by the so-called discounts or gifts.

The certified stores are still guaranteed. I chose to buy it from the official website because only the official website and physical stores can customize it. I need to change the keyboard to an American style, which is more simple. In addition, I need to expand the memory and solid-state, but the physical store needs 15-28 days to adjust. When the goods arrive, it took me four days from placing an order to receiving the goods on the official website (I can’t believe the speed). For orders placed at night, I will process the order the next morning and tell me the estimated arrival time. On the third day, Shipped arrived at noon on the fourth day and delivered in the afternoon by EMS.

You can know the logistics information by querying the tracking number. It is normal that you can’t query any information on the first day. Don’t worry, because the logistics have not been updated. If you issue a paper invoice, the invoice is issued immediately after the goods are sent.

The headset is shipped first, then the computer, and then the invoice. Because it is a customized version, it will take longer than the standard version. So fast, I used the educational discount (buy it with a friend’s student ID, just provide the front of the student ID). Generally, Apple does random checks. I pray that I will not be so lucky, so I can save it. I also gave a beats headset.

The value is more than two thousand eight hundred, and you can check the status of the order in real-time through your apple id, a very autonomous shopping, the official will also send the order message to your mailbox in real-time, every time you receive an email Just one more excitement, I will receive the goods soon, I am pleased to describe~~ The earphones are available, brand new, zero unpacking, 1400, no bargaining

Unboxing video

I remember my unboxing video. I was very calm and looking forward to it because I knew that my hard work would come true and that yours would not be late after all. I was very satisfied when opening the box. There were no screen leaks or defects. Apple gave people the feeling that this is a work of art. The outer packaging and inner packaging are very simple, delicate, and careful. No fingerprints have ever appeared. I dare not. Imagine. Amazed and happy

Unpacking steps

The first step: After receiving the goods, it is recommended to take a video of unpacking, leave a testimony, and also have a voucher to prevent any malfunction or failure of the machine.

Step 2: Then perform some simple settings, and you will be able to enter the desktop. You must remember the name and password of the computer account you set, which you will use frequently.

Step 3: Check the battery cycle times and the warranty date to see if it is brand new.

Step 4: Check whether the main components are normal. Whether the keyboard is malfunctioning, whether the camera is normal, whether the touchpad is normal, whether there is noise in the audio (Speaking of audio, the sound quality is really great, it feels like being in an empty place full of music, pure and penetrating)

Step 5: Start your mac journey~

The following is my experience?

At first, I was not accustomed to its keyboard⌨️. After a few days of getting along with each other, I found that I am also used to it. The typing is also very smooth, and the sound is not very loud. Many people complain about its butterfly keyboard, which is okay in my opinion. ~

It is recommended not to work at high temperatures and not to use flash to play video. The official website prohibits the use of flash. The video can be installed with a client to reduce heat generation, but heat and power consumption are still serious.

Tucao about its Bar, this weather ☁️, it can burn people to death, you can grill fried eggs because the air outlet is also close to the Bar, the processor is also nearby, so the back cover and Bar are very hot. Better, it is recommended to buy a radiator. Look at the Internet. There is also software installed to reduce heat. You can study it.

The temperature can be lowered immediately when sleeping or shutting down, but Bar also has its value, especially when typing. You don’t need to look up at the screen. For me, it’s very convenient for daily code debugging. For video editing, It is also very convenient. In short, it unlocks a lot of new experiences, new functions, and at the same time, power consumption and heat will increase.

There is also a kind reminder, do not use flash to play video, use H5 to play it will not heat up, the new machine will heat up just after the purchase, And the power consumption is serious because there are many programs to run in the background, or to build an index. After a week, the fever will be normal.

When it comes to installing software, it is very convenient to install software on mac. Download the mirror image and drag and install it. In most cases, it is available in the app store because the app store’s software is reviewed by a dedicated person, which is very strict.

Rogue software is not allowed. ❎ it appeared, including qq and Netease Youdao dictionary and other software, there are two versions of the official website and app store, because the app store allows malicious pop-ups and rogue ads to appear, so you will also find that iQiyi and other playback software also have WPS, and there is no advertising, so pay attention to It is concise and efficient. (This is awesome) It’s more convenient to uninstall the software.

Just delete it and move it to the trash. Compared with the cumbersome installation and uninstallation of windows, some of them are rogue bundled software, and they also need to clean up the registry. Friendly now. My working environment has also been migrated from windows to mac, and I can run the project quickly.

Those who want to use the windows system can also install dual systems or virtual machines. Maybe you have another concern, that is, Apple’s software is complete, most of the software has, a few of the software does not, there will be alternative versions, such as svn management tools, these can find alternative versions, in short, can be resolved Method.

Desktop control can download pap. er software, high-definition and beautiful wallpapers are waiting for you~ the Internet celebrity desktop is the screensaver at that time. You can search for Fliqlo. I also recommend you software that you can’t download in the app store.

You can download it from the official account: Mac Software Manager, or download it from this website (there are many cracked versions! Hush? ~ Don’t thank you too much) HTTPS:/ /www.macbl.com/
Insert picture description here

Eight hours of ordinary office work is no problem. For example, if I have a lot of software, it is recommended not to plug in the power supply frequently. It is better to reduce it to 20% before plugging in the power cord.

The color reproduction shouldn’t be too good. After watching the mac, I returned to my old man. It’s a world apart. It’s almost 4k and a standard definition. The disadvantage is that it is easy to use eyestrain.

Since the mac is based on Linux, the commonly used commands have been reviewed again. For those who often use Linx, you must try the mac. It is very friendly.

You will know after some experience. Windows and Mac shortcut keys have different operating habits. , It may be difficult to adapt at first, but after you get used to it, you will find Xintiandi, hahahaha, think about it yourself.

If you have an iPhone or other products, you can associate an account with mac to unlock new skills. It’s quick to get started. I don’t know why, when I experience it in a physical store, I always feel that 15-inch refreshing speed is faster than 13-inch refreshing. Is it because the same network cable has different network speeds?
Official Novice Guide: https://support.apple.com/zh-cn/explore/new-to-mac
Commonly used shortcut keys: https://support.apple.com/zh-cn/HT201236

For accessories, computer film and keyboard film and mouse? ️Expansion dock, keyboard, headset, computer bag and other accessories.

The computer film official does not recommend filming. The film will easily cause the computer film to fall off when it is torn off (the picture is unimaginable). However, I still want to put the film, I can buy a better computer film online, the magnetic film is not bad, The film can prevent others from poking your screen accidentally and scratching, but the computer usually works indoors, and there are few accidents.

It is strongly recommended that you buy one, transparent and thin, although it will affect the feel and heat dissipation. I have personally experienced that I sprinkled pineapple juice on a colleague’s computer keyboard.

At that time, we both felt that fortunately there is a keyboard membrane, otherwise this loss~ So prevent accidents (this kind of accidents are still very frequent), pay attention to buying The size and version of the new version are all with a bar, so buy a thinner one, leave a message I can recommend the one I am using~ If you buy a keyboard membrane, then the screen must be bought. Otherwise, the screen will be damaged. I can’t wipe it off.

It is recommended not to buy the mouse! Because the official is to promote high-efficiency office work, try to keep your hands away from the C side as much as possible to improve office efficiency, so with the touchpad, the mouse is more than a lot, because it supports a lot of gestures, using a mouse is not so used.

You can try not to use a mouse. Naturally, you will get used to it without a mouse, and you can save a little?, bring one less accessory, hahaha, the expansion dock must be bought because it only has a Pili mouth, no other excuses, u Disk and projection are inconvenient, so buying a docking station is just needed.

Many people think that the keyboard is too short and has no feel. Then you can buy a red axis and a tea axis. I have to carry the computer every day or don’t buy too much. More accessories~ Hahahaha, the headphones are free, and ordinary headphones can also be connected.

I still like wired ordinary white headphones. With headphones, the whole world is yours. I can tell my colleagues that because the headphone cable is more conspicuous ( Compared to wireless headsets), I’m working now, don’t disturb hahahaha, that kind of gaming headsets (large ones) are not better, it makes people think you’re pretending to be big.

The surface film of the computer is also acceptable. Generally, it is better to paste on the top and the bottom is to increase the burden of heat dissipation. It is recommended to buy an inner computer bag because girls’ schoolbags are really stuffed with everything, scratches, and other things are only a few days away~

Eye protection
Many fruit powders like mac screens, but I don’t like them that much. It’s really just because the picture quality is too delicate and the reduction is too good. After watching the screen for a long time, the eyes will be dry and itchy, which is very impactful.

Eyesight ~ I downloaded two software, [Take a Break] and [Eye Protector]. One reminds me to take a break, and the other helps me adjust the screen. The screen adjustment can adjust the color temperature of the smart screen, reduce blue light, protect my eyesight, and make my eyes more comfortable. I also bought an anti-blue light computer film.

I am so sensitive to blue light that my mobile phone is covered with a blue-violet tempered film. Hahaha~ I didn’t want to put a film on the computer. The film will affect the lid (slightly). A thinner film is not effective, anyway, you get a reasonable price, try to choose a big brand film is better, the effect is better.

In my blog post, there are also about Mac skills’ daily use and the configuration of some software environments developed by Java. If necessary, you can move to other articles.

Thank you for your patience. It’s not a professional evaluation, but it took a long time to get started. Including three SUNION authorized dealers, an Apple store (private store), an Apple experience store, an Apple experience center, countless visits to the official website information. . .

In short, I have done a long time strategy and homework to prevent the overturning of the road, vomiting blood, and sort out these. I hope that these difficult and complicated diseases can be listed to help you~ and leave a memorial~?

Welcome everyone to leave a message to add and correct~

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