What’s Wrong with Me

I’m so confused again.
I just started this WOE3 weeks ago tomorrow.. I am feeling better, and I do like how I feel. My BS has gone to over 200 fairly often to mostly under 160. Much of the time when I fast, morning BS, is under 130.
I talked to my sister today. She told me she tried keto, but it just didn’t work. She said it didn’t change her numbers, and her cholesterol went up.
I told her that I heard that cholesterol was a result of the wrong kinds of fat.
Well, she has turned over her eating pattern to WBPB or something like that (I keep thinking White Bread Peanut Butter —something about whole food). .She is 100% vegetables and some fruit and no animal fat, or animal products except honey.
She is absolutely convinced this diet won’t work for me. I kept telling her I was going to try it for a while, but she told me it’s not going to work. Kind of like, well you can do what you want, and you will, but it won’t work.
I told her a lot of people were having success getting their blood sugar down. She said when she did it her cholesterol skyrocketed!
I’m really discouraged. I’m trying really hard to stay on less than 30 carbs a day. Most days I eat less than 15.
I’m discouraged.

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