What to Eat for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner?

Hello. Many times I see posts from people who have had fantastic A1c drops and weight loss results from Keto.
But most of them share that they eat only two meals or even one meal a day. And intermittent fasting.
Are there any in this group that eat a regular 3 square meals a day of the keto lifestyle, with No Fasting, and still lose weight? Is that possible?
If you have had Keto Success eating 3 meals daily, would you mind please sharing what you might eat in a typical day for breakfast, lunch, and dinner?

Me I was 5.9 I lost 50 pounds I did keto with IF (Intermitting fasting) I only ate lunch and dinner had a mix greens salad with every meal with protein that’s keto friendly.

I have nuts and cheese for breakfast. Lunch is a big salad typically chopped spinach, broccoli, celery, pickles, olives, peppers, and some protein either hard boiled egg, chicken, or sunflower seeds. Dressing is 1 T of olive oil and pickle juice. Dinner is an avocado with either beef chicken fish or turkey and some other veggie or two… love fried radishes or cauliflower mash. And I may snack on olives or maybe some veggies or more cheese or nut butter. Occasional dark chocolate or a kiwi all depends how I distribute my carbs that day.

I generally eat 3 meals a day and I have lost 28 lbs since August. For breakfast I’ll have something like a 2 egg omlete with cheese and coffee with mct oil. Lunch is generally a little light such as lunch meat and cheese rolls ups, a few meatballs, or left over chili. Dinners are generally some kind of meat or fish and a keto side dish.

They still have wheat in them so they spike my sugar. They are 4 net carbs but not necessarily good for keto. But if they don’t spike you sugars you are one of the lucky ones!!

I eat three meals a day, plus an occasional snack. In the first three months my A1C dropped from 10.5 to 5.9. A year later, it’s at 5.2. I typically eat 50 carbs a day or less.

Breakfast is usually eggs with cheese and vegetables.
Lunch is usually a salad or a chaffle sandwich with tuna, ham or egg. Dinner is usually meat or fish with vegetables. If I cook potatoes or rice for my family, I’ll replace it with cauliflower rice or roasted vegetables. Snacks are nuts or cheese. Occasionally, I’ll make some keto blueberry muffins or something, but they are a treat.

I do! I can’t fast (and wish I could find a group that had more people who don’t fast. I’m not against it at all but I get ill when I do it). I eat three meals and sometimes a snack. I don’t get very fancy, breakfast is eggs with cheese/veggies and sausage with a cup of coffee. Lunch and dinner is always a salad with some type of protein. I’ll have some cheese whisps or pepperoni for snack if I need it.

I eat 3 meals a days and snacks , I just make sure it fits my macros and calories. Weight loss slower than others I see but happening and I’mNot starving like other diets. Trying to make it something I can live with and make it a way of life, no hurry if weight loss happening and blood glucose better.

I find if I stay between 1000 and 1200 calories a day I am okay but I have gone over my calories more than a few times. I didn’t start out fasting but I did just cut out all carbs that were bread related, even those that fit in the macros because I found they stalled my weight loss. Mine is not as drastic as some. I have been doing Keto Since June and lost 35lbs. But my A1C is 5.6 last check.

I lost 30 lbs, reversed T2 diabetes, and healed non-alcoholic fatty liver in 6 months. I ate 3 meals a day. I ate a large salad ate lunch with a protein and fat. 2 eggs, with a little vegetables added and 2 oz meat usually for breakfast. Dinner was usually only protein and fat. That was to keep down Dawn Sugar Readings. I would walk my dog after supper. Then became a widow and had several other major changes so I went on maintenance for nearly 4 years. For the first time in my life I haven’t gained back over 5 ibs (up & down). I can not fast. I have Acid Reflux problems severely when I go more than 10 hrs empty. I do not snack. Dinner is by 6pm and breakfast at 10 am-noon.

YMMV, many will gravitate towards one or two meals a day. When is first started, I soon dropped my first meal and found myself having a larger lunch and a smaller dinner a few hours later. Now I eat that way about half there time and other days just once.It’s worth noting that if you’re on medications, you may not lose as much as first but the meds will lower. Clinics centered on keto and fasting see about half come off meds at 6 months and half again at the year mark.It takes me close to two months before I’m relatively well adapted.

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